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The Bastille by Galien Laloue

The Bastille. Paris.

On 14th July 1789, the Parisians had one of their wishes come true: the Bastille prison which had detained so many people and celebrities was seized and demolished. Yet the rebellious spirit of the Parisians was still in the air in this part of the capital-city.

The Bastille Paris. Art works by Eugene Galien-Laloue
The Act of 13th December 1830 ordered the erection of a monument in memory of the Revolution of July 1830. Ten years later it was solemnly inaugurated. In the middle of the square, the 52 meter-high column in bronze stands, graced by medallions symbolizing Liberty, Justice, Force and Constitution. On The lantern is a golden statue representing the spitit of Liberty, which, after breakin free from its chains, holds the torch that will enlighten civilizations.
Galien-Laloue peint La BastilleGalien-Laloue peint La Bastille

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