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Eugene Galien Laloue - Seine River

The Seine, view of Seine embankment

For almost 2000 years Paris has grown along the banks of the Seine.
The old Lutetia, the ancient capital of the Parisii,was bon on what is now the Ile de la Cité, an easy crossing point on this bend in the Seine. The left Bank was first inhabited, then in mediaeval times the Right Bank was drained and houses were built.

The Banks of the Seine have been ever-changing throughout the years – and no less than 34 bridges now link the two sides of the 13 km stretch of the river.


Galien-Laloue the Seine

In this picture, GALIEN LALOUE successfully preserved the poetical narrative of the quay. He later used this drawing as a sketch for the painting of several figure-enlivened gouaches.

Note the accurately-drawn perspective.


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